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Sundarban Eco Resort is dedicated to conservation on the Sundarban Mangroves and has made a commitment to practice and teach sustainable tourism. Our desire to protect the biodiversity and pristine natural condition of the Mangroves, with a specific focus on the area in the corridor from where SER is located on Koromjal point up to deep into the forest. Of course SER is a business, but we started the lodge in order to give us an excuse to stay and live in this amazing place. We want our guests to be able to experience that feeling of wonder and awe that we feel. We feel very strongly that we are stewards of this land and that it is our responsibility to protect it and help the area to flourish. To this end, we use most of the proceeds from SER to purchase as much property in this area as we can that we feel is threatened with development or non-conservation minded use. We also wish to work with the conservation groups in this area to facilitate and strengthen their efforts. We will include information about all these groups in the literature at the lodge and in the accommodations so that our guests can also help if they so wish. The amazing thing is that our guests can make a donation to one of these causes and really make a difference! Further, we at SER are committed to practicing and teaching sustainable tourism. 

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