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Sundarban Eco Resort always has a myriad of interesting projects happening on and around our large land reserve. We are fascinated by the wildlife and amazing array of plant and tree species. There are many species of flora and fauna that are endemic to this area, as well. As such, we highly encourage and try to facilitate research projects here. Some of the projects that we want to work with are listed below.

‘Friends of Royal Tiger’ Project

The most beautiful animal of this huge mangrove forest is the Royal Bengal Tiger. Number of this big and beautiful cat is reducing day by day. Habitat loss and killing are the main threats. Under this project efforts will be made to create awareness among local people to conserve the deep forests and keep unexplored and unutilized those parts of the jungle where Bengal tiger lives. Moreover, people will be made aware not to kill this tiger when it comes close to locality. We know, these efforts are very ‘little’ compared to the threat to the tiger but we believe that these little efforts may help save few of these big cats.

River Dolphin Conservation Project

Sundarban Eco Resort is located at confluence of the Pashur River and its tributary Dhangmari Khal. This makes a unique environment for Gangetic River Dolphin, an aquatic mammal threatened in this area. Department of forest has declared a sanctuary for this dolphin in this part of river. SER will have their efforts to maintain this sanctuary and thereby conserving this beautiful mammal.

Green Shrimp Project

Coastal aquaculture is a growing practice in the greater Khulna region where Sundarban mangrove forest is located. Semi-intensive farming of shrimp requires uprooting of vegetation resulting in degradation of the environment. SER will be encouraging the prevailing shrimp farms to convert into organic farming practices so as to keep as much mangrove vegetation in their farm as they can and in this way producing ‘green shrimp’. SER restaurant will use only those ‘green shrimp’ in their dishes.


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