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Deep into the Sundarbans


For our guests, we have arrangement for trip deep into the Sundarban, the most beautiful and amazing part of the tropical mangrove forest. You trip will be incomplete if you don’t dive into the deep forest. The Sundarbans, its legendary royal Bengal tiger, beautiful spotted deer, its network or rivers, forests of sundari, geoa, goran, keora, golpata, are all waiting for you to be visited. Our ship named ‘Irrawaddy’ will have an accommodation for 70 passengers for a day long trip deep into the mangrove forest. The ship will start at 5:30 am in summer and 6:30 am in winter form the mouth of the Dhangmari Khal. The tour package includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments for a day. Supplementary food items are also available on payment.

While cruising on the River Pashur, you will see many small wooden country boats used by artisanal fishermen for fishing. You will enjoy seeing them fishing. Gradually the ship will proceed into the channels. Get your camera ready! You may see spotted deer any time! Or a salt water crocodile resting on the river bank. Dolphins diving around the ship are often seen. And if you are lucky enough, a royal Bengal tiger may be, but very rarely.

Please bring together your hat, sun glass and your own water bottle. Better to put on Cades but not the shoes. Warm clothing during winter is better to carry with.

Please keep calm and quiet while entering into the deep forest, we should not disturb the wildlife. We will get down from the boat in some locations and it is strictly advised that guests should follow the instructions of our tour guide for safety reasons.

Sundarban is green, wild & beautiful. Enjoy it’s accompany for a whole day.


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